Emotional Wellness means being aware of our feelings and having the skills to share them in constructive and productive ways.


Life is full of change and change inevitably comes with challenges. Living at The Alexander provides the atmosphere our residents need to fully embrace life’s next step. When we’re emotionally healthy, we’re not just aware of our emotions, but we’re able to direct our feelings toward creating a balanced life. With a worry-free, resort-style experience, this is the perfect place for seniors to find and enjoy that balance.

The Alexander


1125 NE Watt Way Bend, OR 97701


Resort-Style Living

When you make The Alexander home, you’re simplifying your life without sacrificing a thing. With fewer responsibilities and obligations, you’ll have the ability to embrace the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Finding Balance

Whether to suit your mood or change it, the atmosphere at The Alexander fosters a balanced life. Go out, or stay in. Be active, or reflective. Be social, or more personal. As your needs change, we’re here to help you adapt.

Beat the Stress

Experiencing stress may be inevitable, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming or harmful. With opportunities for on-site fitness, connection to nature and a focus on enriching, supportive relationships, The Alexander offers a variety of avenues to help ease the impact of life’s unavoidable challenges.

Places for Pets

When your furry friends are like family, their unconditional love is an important part of your emotional life. That’s why The Alexander provides a completely pet-friendly environment, from interior and exterior spaces to dedicated pet play areas.

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