Environmental Wellness means understanding our connection to the elements and settings that surround us.


Where we spend our time has a profound impact on our health and wellness. We understand that at The Alexander Independent Senior Living. That’s why our residents find not only soothing, relaxing and beautiful interior spaces, but also connection to the natural landscape, the stunning vistas and the recreational opportunities that Bend is so well known for. Add a wonderful climate that provides the pleasure of four distinct seasons while still famously seeing 300 days of sunshine each year, and it’s no wonder our residents feel healthier and happier.

The Alexander


1125 NE Watt Way Bend, OR 97701


Wonderful Weather

Located on the east side of the Cascade Range, Bend and Central Oregon boast a tremendous amount of year-round sunshine while still offering the pleasures of four distinct seasons.

Inspiring Interiors

From the common areas to your individual apartment, The Alexander offers elegant and refined interior spaces that soothe and relax with their beauty and attention to luxurious detail.

World-Class Recreation

Connection with nature is a key part of living a healthy, wholesome Central Oregon lifestyle. With a stunning variety of beautiful lakes, streams and peaks nestled between forest and desert, it’s almost impossible to ignore the call of The Alexander’s local landscapes.

Farm-to-Table Freshness

With dining options focused on fresh, locally sourced food choices, The Alexander brings the flavors and bounty of Central Oregon directly to your plate.

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