Occupational Wellness means positively contributing to others while sustaining a balanced and fulfilling life.
Occupational Wellness at The Alexander in Bend, Oregon


Being able to put our energy toward efforts that we find fulfilling and rewarding is important for individual wellness. It’s something we encourage at The Alexander through many different forms. For some residents, that means helping them find local volunteer or teaching opportunities, or the chance to serve as a mentor. For other residents, it’s giving them the amenities and conveniences they need to continue working full-time or part-time. Regardless of their individual situation, when residents share their experience and wisdom, it not only benefits their health, it makes the world a better place. We’re proud to be part of that.

The Alexander


1125 NE Watt Way Bend, OR 97701


Residents and friends preparing their plates at The Alexander in Bend, Oregon

Opportunities for Community Involvement

Opportunities abound in Bend and Central Oregon to put your skills and talents to work volunteering, teaching or mentoring others. The Alexander loves connecting residents with organizations and groups in need of devoted helpers.

Residents painting at The Alexander in Bend, Oregon

Stimulating Surroundings

When you’re inspired, you’re able to tap into the full power of your creativity and imagination. With beautiful, pleasing surroundings both inside and out, The Alexander gives residents an atmosphere that encourages and motivates.

Residents talking and having fun outside at The Alexander in Bend, Oregon

Sharing With Fellow Residents

Teach a fitness class. Lead a book club discussion. Direct a fun and informative seminar. You don’t even need to leave The Alexander to share your knowledge and wisdom with interested audiences.

Resident enjoying a beverage and browsing his tablet at The Alexander in Bend, Oregon

Career Support

Not quite ready for full-on retirement? The Alexander supports career-focused residents with integrated wireless technology and available meeting space while nearby Redmond Municipal Airport offers daily flights to major West Coast hubs.

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