Onsite Team

Meet Teri Cilley, general manager of The Alexander in Bend, Oregon

Teri Cilley, General Manager

Though I come to The Alexander with a degree from California’s Azusa Pacific University, a background in banking and more than 18 years in the senior housing and living industry, my greatest strength lies in the lessons my mother taught me as a young girl. She showed me by example how to be a wonderful, kind, caring hostess to friends and family and these are the values I bring with me to my work. Delivering exceptional customer service comes naturally to me and I get tremendous fulfillment in adding value and helping those I serve get a little more pleasure out of each day.

As a leader, my heart of service helps me stay connected to our residents and staff at The Alexander. I can only become better by listening to their ideas, suggestions or concerns. As a wife, mother and now grandmother, I thrive on finding new ways to love and support my family—including my extended family at The Alexander. My focus as General Manager is to ensure our entire staff provides thoughtful attention and the very best customer service to our valued residents.

Meet Judy Williams, leasing consultant at The Alexander in Bend, Oregon

Judy Williams, Leasing Consultant

After more than 30 years working in the senior living and housing industry, it’s an exciting honor to join The Alexander as Leasing Consultant. Working with the senior population is my passion. I believe in quality of life for everyone and The Alexander delivers an experience of luxury and carefree living that’s unmatched.

My favorite saying and motto is “live, laugh, love.” That means living life to the fullest, laughing with others (and occasionally at ourselves) and treasuring the people in our lives to the fullest. The Alexander helps bring all of these qualities to our residents every day. I’m delighted to be enjoying this season of life and celebrate the experiences that have brought me here so I can share my talents and enthusiasm with all of our residents at The Alexander.

Brian Patrick Kerr, Executive Chef

As Executive Chef for The Alexander, I’m excited to bring three decades of restaurant and hospitality experience to the table for residents and their guests. I’ve been privileged to lead kitchens in a number of diverse and high-profile settings, including Morton’s Steakhouse, The Stephanie Inn, The Oregon Golf Club and, most recently, Deschutes Brewery and Public House right here in Bend. With a focus on sustainability, I’ve developed strong relationships with local providers of the highest quality, healthiest seasonal food available in Central Oregon and look forward every day to sharing and celebrating unforgettable culinary creations with the patrons at The Alexander. When I’m not in the kitchen, writing recipes and articles for local publications or teaching the art of cooking, you’ll find me spending time with my wife and two sons enjoying all that Bend has to offer, including hiking, camping, kayaking, golfing and indulging an enthusiasm for birding. I also enjoy reading and music and hope to improve my banjo playing – as does my family!