Spiritual Wellness means honoring our individual values while creating peace in our lives through connection to meaning and purpose.


We understand that spirituality and spiritual wellness is different for everyone. Often it is about the pursuit of meaning and purpose in life. Some people express this through attending church services. Others find spiritual connection in being close to nature, or in meditation or personal reflection. No matter the path, The Alexander values and supports spiritual connection and wellness.

The Alexander


1125 NE Watt Way Bend, OR 97701


Closeness to Nature

Sweeping high desert views, the snow-capped peaks of the Cascades and stunning sunsets that inspire the mind and stir the soul. At The Alexander, access to open landscapes and exceptional recreation awaits just outside your front door.

New & Inspiring Experiences

Exploring new experiences in life is an important part of spiritual growth. You’ll find those inspiring experiences at The Alexander with a varying array of programs, opportunities to make new friends and a city and region full of delightful surprises.

Support for Worship

The Alexander team can help connect you with a variety of churches, temples, synagogues, musallas and other places of worship in Bend and Central Oregon.

Relaxing, Peaceful Living

When you call The Alexander home, you’ll be surrounded by caring and helpful staff dedicated to anticipating your needs while you enjoy the peace-of-mind and relaxation that comes from having access to resort-style amenities every day.

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