Wellness programs at The Alexander in Bend, Oregon

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Wellness Programs

The Alexander- 7 Dimensions of Wellness

PHYSICAL WELLNESS When you feel good physically, you feel ready for anything.

Staying active and eating well are keys to living a great life. That’s why we make sure residents at The Alexander can enjoy a dip any time of year in the indoor pool, or can relax and recharge in the hydro spa or sauna. There’s also a full-time fitness instructor for that one-on-one training. For outdoorsy types, Bend offers everything from golfing and hiking to bicycling and skiing. And when it comes to recharging after all that healthy activity, residents find plenty of dining options at The Alexander with a focus on fresh and nutritious local food.

INTELLECTUAL WELLNESS A healthy mind is one that continually learns, grows and develops.

We like to say the one thing you won’t find at The Alexander is boredom. Our residents embrace life and we’re committed to helping them do just that. Keeping the brain active and engaged is part of living here. Our residents take up new hobbies. They learn to paint, become amateur photographers or learn a new language. And outside of creative pursuits, they enjoy all the cultural activities in Bend and Central Oregon that keep the mind healthy and fit, from world-class theater and music to outstanding local festivals and museums.

EMOTIONAL WELLNESS Emotional wellness is all about having a healthy perspective on life.

Getting older means change and change inevitably comes with challenges. Living at The Alexander, though, keeps that change in perspective and we make sure residents have the atmosphere they need to fully embrace life’s next step. When we’re emotionally healthy, we’re not just aware of our emotions, but we’re able to direct our feelings toward creating a balanced life. With a worry-free, resort-style experience that rewards our residents, this is the perfect place for them to find and enjoy that balance.


SPIRITUAL WELLNESS Spiritual wellness is about feeling connected to our best selves.

We understand that spirituality and spiritual wellness is different for everybody, but it all comes back to having meaning and purpose in life. Some folks express that through church or other worship. Others rely on focused exercise or being close with nature. For some, it’s mediation or personal reflection. No matter what our residents’ individual path, the staff and the community at The Alexander supports and encourages our residents as they continue growing in their unique spiritual journeys.

SOCIAL WELLNESS True personal wellness is about the other people in our lives, too.

It’s hard to be a hermit at The Alexander. We’re all about offering a social life that’s fun, exciting and really good for our residents’ health. There’s the game room and theater-style seating for group movie night. Or the rooftop deck and fire pits for sharing some wine and watching the sunset. Great food brings people together and we have dining on-site for every taste. Plus the apartments and grounds are so beautiful and inviting that friends and family can’t wait to come visit. Not to mention the social events and get-togethers throughout Bend that our residents can get involved with year-round.

OCCUPATIONAL WELLNESS Giving back and sharing our unique talents with others promotes well-rounded health.

Being able to put our energy toward efforts that we find fulfilling and rewarding is important for individual wellness. It’s something we encourage at The Alexander through many different forms. For some residents, that means helping them find local volunteer or teaching opportunities, or the chance to serve as a mentor. For other residents, it’s giving them the amenities and conveniences they need to continue working full- or part-time. Regardless of their individual situation, when residents share their experience and wisdom, it not only benefits their health, it makes the world a better place. We’re proud to be part of that.

ENVIRONMENTAL WELLNESS Inspiring surroundings have the power to enhance wellness.

Where we spend our time has a profound impact on our health and wellness. We understand that at The Alexander. That’s why our residents find not only soothing, relaxing and beautiful interior spaces but also a connection to the natural landscape, the stunning vistas and the recreational opportunities that Bend is so well known for. Add a wonderful climate that provides the pleasure of four distinct seasons while still famously seeing 300 days of sunshine each year, and it’s no wonder our residents enjoy an environment that nurtures fantastic, healthy living.

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